Tailor-made building automation for your commercial properties

We won’t be satisfied until we have achieved your goals

We live up to this attitude through collaborative, reliable and trusting teamwork. For us, forward-thinking planning and flexible reactions to changing framework conditions are a matter of course.

This forms the basis for functional, well-thought-out building automation, which we can integrate into an optimal overall system with the help of hardware and software. This takes the services we offer far beyond the usual requirements for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and light. Only once all economically suitable building technology functions have been integrated is your individual “optimal whole” created.

System understanding in building automation

Building automation from a single source

User-friendly solutions for technical buildings

Each possible step in the automation process is influenced to a greater or lesser extent by the technologies which are used. This is why we specialised in customer-friendly technologies in the building automation sector more than two decades ago. Together with the products, which predominantly originate from WAGO, we implement your user requirements and deliver convenient and centralised functions. As a certified WAGO Solution Provider, we are able to configure building automation systems of any complexity for our customers in a cost-efficient, flexible and customised way. After all, a building is only a Smart Building if all of these factors have been taken into account.

From detailed planning and programming through to switch cabinet construction and commissioning, we can meet all of your building automation needs all from a single source.


Service and expertise

With us, you will always get the right “Smart Building” solutions

Buildings of all kinds are constantly increasing in complexity. And requirements are also becoming more stringent with regard to preserving resources, energy efficiency, life cycle costs and safeguarding the value of the property. This motivates you to search for even better and more efficient solutions, which in turn makes our job even more challenging. In order to sustainably reduce the high energy costs, energy-efficient building automation for new and existing buildings is moving ever-higher on our list of priorities.

Today’s commercial buildings already have a wide range of sensors as part of their “standard features”. Linking these sensors and implementing intelligent control of the building technology and its components beyond the automation level brings about a huge increase in efficiency, operational reliability and convenience.

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Innovative automation technology approaches for our customers

Always finding the best possible solution and taking innovative approaches alongside tried and tested methods , has ensured that over 90% of our customers are return customers.

We see every customer solution that we have implemented as a win-win situation. Each one expands our horizons and creates the greatest possible benefit for you.

From the initial consultation right through to planning and eventually commissioning, we are your trusted partner who will successfully implement your tailor-made solutions.

Building control technology

Reliable systems for your security

Information and operation in a system: The requirements for centralisation are increasing. The integration of technical, localised systems or entire properties with associated infrastructure is now a focus, and forms the basis on which new services can be provided and operated with the associated technical supervision.

We facilitate communication between field levels, automation levels, buildings management and maintenance. Thanks to state-of-the-art visualisation levels such as the software WinCC, the building in which your company operates is just as much part of your business as your plants and systems. By analysing correlations, you can discover new opportunities for service providers and for you as an owner. We only ever use tried-and-tested software from renowned manufacturers in the buildings we work on, and we integrate this software from sensor level right through to management level and your ERP system.

Partnerships and certifications

Manufacturer-independent and highly specialised. That’s LAE Engineering GmbH. You can find a small selection of certifications and partnerships here.

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