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Anyone can say: “Our employees are our greatest asset”. Managing director Werner Rensch followed these words with the new building “pLAcE2b”. He sees behind the “employee” first and foremost the person who deserves a safe, healthy and pleasant workplace.

pLAcE2b the approach
The new building is geared in all its facets to the individual needs of working people. The offices are flooded with light and airy, transparent and quiet. The rooms lack the corridor and thus the crowd, the view is clear of workplaces and meeting points. Together with personal, ergonomic workplaces and optimum shading and air conditioning, this has not only created a pure workplace, but also a place to develop.

The Workplace
Here it becomes not only personal, but individual. Every employee has a permanent workplace. But this is standard for LAE and just the beginning. From then on it becomes special: Every employee has an electrically height-adjustable desk. This makes it possible to work standing up during part of the day and discuss something at the desk with a colleague, for example. The technical equipment of the workplace is also adapted to the needs and wishes of the employee and is fully available on the first working day. If you need fresh air to get new ideas, you can work on the spacious roof terrace or retire to one of six lounge areas.

The infrastructure is designed for mobility and communication. In this way, synergies between colleagues and divisions within the company can be optimally exploited. Discussing projects over a cup of coffee or the pros and cons of an idea in the meeting lounge – corporate culture that is already alive at pLAcE²b. The focus here is on working independently and on one’s own responsibility.

The construction of the office space requires almost no doors. The so-called “Open Space” concept works thanks to the clever arrangement of a few walls and many sound-absorbing materials. The pLAcE²b stands for LAE for innovation, creativity and combining productive work with relaxation. The concept is rounded off by an individually adapted technical infrastructure including software solutions that make productive work really possible.

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