Power Plants automation solutions for complex energy systems

Customised systems are our bread and butter
Special solutions are our strength

This insight drives us forward. As your technology and development partner, we demonstrate our technical competence through the implementation of special solutions.

During this process, we make use of our experience which we have gleaned over more than 25 years and from more than 100 types of systems. This, in addition to our extensive experience in engineering and in the implementation of customer solutions for energy suppliers and industrial companies, characterises our work.

The tenacity of our engineers in always finding the optimum solution for you completes the overall concept, alongside our over-arching view of your power generation system. This of course includes the integration of your systems into your control technology as well as the integration of all interfaces to adjacent subsystems. We provide everything you need to ensure that the automation of your energy systems is planned and implemented successfully.

Impressions of our work

Power Plants automation technology

For generating and distributing power

As a specialist for power generation and distribution systems for heat, air-conditioning and steam, we will design your energy supply and automation concept and implement it with an overarching control system based on SIEMENS S7 or Allen-Bradley PLC. Whether it is for a new building, an extension or a retrofit, we offer reliability, integration of all interfaces, a high level of flexibility and excellent operating convenience of the automation technology as a matter of course.

Programmes such as ePLAN allow us to provide electrical engineering, measuring technology, control technology and regulation technology from a single system. This guarantees the continuity of the system structure and control system, from the electrical diagrams right through to the PLC programmes and documentation creation. Maintenance work and subsequent conversion/extension measures are significantly easier. All electrical components can be precisely and quickly located both physically as well as in the control programmes.


Structured system layout

For modernisation and new constructions

We place great value on the structural set-up of the entire system in compliance with the applicable standards – regardless of whether it is a new construction or a modernisation project. This means that all components that form a functional part of the system are also viewed and operated in this way. It begins with the power input, continues with the control voltage supply as well as the EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN safety technology and ends with the control technology. This allows us to avoid right from the outset any potential SINGLE POINTS which would cause the entire system to shut down if a fault occurred.

You know your processes best, so it’s our job to provide you with maximum support through the optimal automation technology.

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Innovative automation technology approaches for our customers

Always finding the best possible solution and taking innovative approaches alongside tried and tested methods has ensured that over 90% of our customers are return customers.

We see every customer solution that we have implemented as a win-win situation. Each one expands our horizons and creates the greatest possible benefit for you.

From the initial consultation right through to planning and eventually commissioning, we are your trusted partner who will successfully implement your tailor-made solutions.