We take responsibility for your IT system landscape

Redundant systems, high levels of availability and security

With the foundation of LAE Industrial IT, we are able to meet the demands of our customers regarding the provision of IT infrastructures and suitable services for their industrial systems. Some of our customers were struggling to find the right specialists for their industrial IT requirements, as most of the traditional IT systems companies lack expertise in this field. With LAE, you can get everything you need from a single source.


IT systems, software integration and hardware connection from a single source

A focus on long-standing partnerships

In industrial environments, IT projects often fail to make it out of the starting blocks due to a lack of specialist personnel. This means that complex industrial machines and systems are being controlled by outdated hardware and software with a high risk of failure. Unplanned downtimes and challenging replacement solutions for old systems bring about exorbitant costs and delivery difficulties. LAE Industrial IT helps to prevent this and replaces your IT components in line with an appropriate schedule. Needs-based planning, replacement and commissioning are just as much a part of this strategy as loss minimisation by means of redundant systems, backups, documentation and emergency plans.

We use suitable industrial hardware that can also cope with heat, solvents, dust and moisture.
And what’s more, the use of new hardware and software solutions means that new functions as well as user-friendliness and efficiency can all be improved. We take care of everything to do with increasing availability and planning reliability, with a service that’s both solution-oriented and manufacturer-independent and all from a single source.

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Using synergies – all services from a single source

System retrofit, data management and IT systems


Are you looking to expand or replace your industrial system?

Start using LAE-IT right away to evaluate your existing IT systems and bring them in line with the latest state of technology. In the future, your control and data collection systems will run in parallel on a fail-safe and customised IT infrastructure.
We work with well-developed standard solutions in all areas, which we adapt and connect precisely to match your infrastructure. As a result, you get the benefit of hardware and software from renowned manufacturers as well as complete support and individual adaptation to your specific requirements.

Partnerships and certifications

Manufacturer-independent and highly specialised. That’s LAE Engineering GmbH. You can find a small selection of certifications and partnerships here.