The quality of your company data is key to your success.

Data is the new corporate currency

As a manager, you have the right to have reliable data from your organisation. After all, you use this information to make wide-ranging decisions that have an impact on your company’s success.

As a specialist in the integration of technical data from production systems and properties, we give you the opportunity to record, monitor and evaluate data in real time. We do this using the very best technology on the market as well as our flexible, interdisciplinary team.

We allow you to make even better and quicker decisions based on reliable data – a considerable competitive advantage in fast-paced times.

How is information obtained in your company?

Concepts, interfaces and data structures

We work together to define your path to the right information management system

There are currently a large number of systems that don’t collect your data at all or that only collect it in a rudimentary way.

As a result, figures and reports cannot be produced on a real-time basis and are instead based on human interpretation. This is not adequate as a basis for decision-making.

For us, the first step of digitalisation means collecting all data sources on one platform and making sure that it can be read off intuitively.

We work with you to develop concepts and interfaces

Large quantities of data are no problem for us: we use clear KPIs and dashboards of consistent quality to “translate” your existing data and give it a new structure. This makes complex correlations logical and provides a real basis for decision-making.


An information management system (IMS) cannot be bought.

We develop it together

The benefits for you: You collect data of all kinds, regardless of its location, which creates transparency. You also organise your data into a reliable and immediately usable solid basis. This forms the foundation for an intelligent analysis, which you can then use to work with your resources in a more efficient way, identifying new areas of potential and predicting errors before they occur.

This is something we have learnt from our projects, and we therefore place particularly great value on your ideas and on understanding your challenges. This forms the foundation for coming up with the right solution for you.

As a certified Wonderware system integrator, we will support you in introducing a central information management system (IMS) for energy data management, infrastructure, security technology, production or the MES system.

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Partnerships and certifications

Manufacturer-independent and highly specialised. That’s LAE Engineering GmbH. You can find a small selection of certifications and partnerships here.