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As an integral and specialist planner for electrical engineering and building automation, we put consulting ahead of planning services as a matter of course. This means that Our actions are determined by your functions. We approach and progress each project with this aspiration in mind. This guarantees optimal discussions at the interfaces between all involved parties, from the architect through to the end customer, and allows us to define the ideal function, budget and completion date at the earliest possible point. The foundation for functioning solutions – with fixed timescales and budgets. We recommend that our customers have a function check performed, in order to ensure that it’s not just the services that have been correctly provided by the end of the project but that the functions are working properly too.

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Good advice right from the start

Your construction project in safe hands

We are a team of specialist planners in the fields of electrical engineering and buildings automation for the services in the cost groups DIN 276 – 440: Power installations, 450: Telecommunications and information systems and 480: Industry and building automation. In addition to service phases 1-9, for us, consulting is a standard step before service phase 1 begins.

All customers are assigned a specific employee as a contact partner who will be eager to get to know your work and challenges and to present suitable solutions. With our project management expertise, which has been proven over many years, we guarantee that the specified times and budgets will be precisely adhered to.

Personal contact is important to us

We look forward to meeting you

Frank Lettmann
Frank LettmannHead of Electrical Engineering Planning
“Integral planning will benefit you by minimising the amount of personal time that you’ll need to commit. Delays in the planning and construction phase are also avoided. This makes your building plans noticeably more effective than they would be with a conventional planning process”.
Isabel Scheidemacher
Isabel ScheidemacherHead of PMG Planning
“When working on projects, reliable communication between all participants is absolutely vital. We will ensure that the different interests and requirements are all catered for.

Integral planning to bring you success

Advice, planning and implementation of your project

We offer more than a conventional planning firm. Integral planning involves the precise alignment of the building and the building technology. As specialist planners, we focus on “function” and we relieve your workload during the project thanks to our qualified, standardised and minimal-interface planning service. This makes it possible to optimise the entire project right from the start with regard to preserving resources, energy efficiency, life cycle costs, value preservation of the property and customer wishes.

In addition, building automation is handled at the beginning of each planning stage. Experience tells us that the functions of building automation need to be discussed long before the property is handed over. This is key to handing over a functioning and functionally reliable building to our client.

This procedure guarantees compatibility and avoids incorrect dimensions. Synergies are recognised and used, as are areas of potential to increase efficiency.

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We provide tailor-made solutions

For existing buildings and new constructions

For over 25 years, our company has been working on electrical engineering planning for challenging buildings such as office buildings, production buildings, hotels and museums. This, paired with our expertise in the fields of power generation, building automation, information management and processing systems, means that we are always able to implement the best solution for you.

We always plan projects with a holistic approach, from electrical diagrams to lighting technology and from power to construction management. And it goes without saying that we take into account all of the standards and regulations in order to guarantee safety and make sure that all systems are functioning perfectly.

Whether your project involves a new construction or an existing building: With us, you’ll be assigned a team of qualified employees that will be responsible for your project and that brings its expertise and commitment to every project. Feel free to have a look at our References.

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