We make possible | what is possible.

Always finding the best possible solution, and, alongside tried and tested methods, also following up innovative approaches has ensured that over 90% of our customers are now established customers.

We see every customer solution which we have realised as a win-win situation. Each one expands our horizons and creates the greatest possible benefit for you.

“We are proud that we are a financially independent company, where all shareholders actively participate in the company and feel a deep sense of connection to the customers, the company and the employees.”


Werner Rensch | Managing Director

Specialist expertise | for you

We are the engineering company that offers you the greatest benefits thanks to our integrated specialisations. All five business areas, when combined, generate added value for you which takes a unique format.

We can plan the electrical engineering configuration of your new production hall and take over the automation of your production in the field of engineering, program your controls, equip your production system with modern control technology and also automate your power generation plants or thermal emissions purification. Everything from a single source, and everything fits together.

Testimonial Solvay


Enthusiasm for techology | since 1993

It was their enthusiasm for technology, and its potential for perfection, that led to LAE being founded by Werner Rensch, Dieter Kirsch, Karlheinz Götz and Helmut Heidinger in Nußloch in 1993. The great passion of the team, which has grown over the years, to always find the best solution for customers now complements this.

More than 65 employees, who possess excellent qualifications in their technical fields, now see it as their obligation to ensure complete customer satisfaction and also to protect our environment by preserving valuable resources. The aim is that the customer finds reassurance and so can concentrate on their core business, whilst LAE looks after the technical side.

Values | this is how we think, this is how we act, that’s how we are

Resource preservation

These values determine our daily work on your behalf – our customers and partners – but also our daily work together and alongside one another.

Our aspiration to live by these values is firmly anchored in our corporate culture, as is our continued focus on the needs of our customers, our employees and our environment.


Mission | The best solution for you and for the environment

We are constantly in the process of creating reliable, safe and cost-efficient control, automation and electrical engineering solutions.

Analytical, self-evident, systematic – but in particular, reaching far beyond the boundaries of numbers and data – this is how we challenge our thought processes in this company. The best solution can usually be found outside routines. It needs to be tracked down and implemented creatively, passionately and with enthusiasm. Always with the goal in mind which knows only one outcome: We have found the best possible solution for you and for the environment.

We are guided by the following in our actions:

  • to handle our resources responsibly
  • to work collaboratively with our customers, partners and suppliers and of course with all of our employees
  • to fulfil the compelling will to offer our customers the highest possible level of added value through unique solutions
  • to promote the competence and expertise of every individual and of the employees within the team
  • by our passion for technology and its potential for perfection

Vision | always independent and flexible

Financial independence, but also independence when it comes to products, suppliers and manufacturers, is and remains our top priority. This gives us the freedom to focus on the best possible solution for you and for the environment at all times.

With the five business areas of electrical engineering planning, power generation, building automation, industry modernisation and technical management, we have a USP with potential that needs to be further developed and communicated in future. Thanks to our focus on the process as a whole, we can offer you multi-functional added value. This is explained by the synergy inherent in optimal interactions between all business areas: the more interconnected they are, the greater the customer benefit.



“I am looking forward to your inquiry”

Magnus Müller | Sales Manager

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